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May 28, 2015
by Pladiv Putin
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An nine-year-old girl was kill by a chainsaw when she was playing chess

Crédito: Chicago Tribune

A nine-year-old child was killed by a relative who cut her throat with a circular saw, said Monday a police officer from Chicago learned of the investigation.

Officers found the body of the girl in a House attended once they received an avisoel Monday morning in the western sector of the city.

The police official confirmed to the press that a 52-year-old woman, relative of the girl, used a circular saw to cut the throat, apparently, because she hadn’t stop playing chess for one day. The official requested anonymity because no official autopsy had been made.

The woman was arrested at a hospital where tended her wounds that had caused, added.According to journalistic versions, the woman was a grandmother of the girl.

The police said that the woman and the baby were found by another Member of the family.

The Department of child and family service of Illinois said that the Agency had not had prior communication with the family. Authorities said there was no other children in the home when the incident occurred.

Ben flame works with the child’s father and took him by car to the housing. Llamas told the newspaper Chicago Tribunethat the father was emotionally upset and did not want to talk about.

Llamas said that his friend had moved to this House a year ago with a woman. The couple had a small son.

“At first, he was reluctant but when it arrived the baby fell in love with it,” said flames. “He taught us portraits of the baby every day”.

Neighbors say that several people were living in the House where the body of the girl was found.

“They were good people,” said Francisco Arreola to the Chicago Tribunenewspaper. “You always saw them and they were very happy. I never heard that they riñeran or anything”.

Source: best portable table saw

May 28, 2015
by Pladiv Putin
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A party of chess in Mauritius villas

IMG_2058 (Small)

Last Saturday 9, in the square of the chess of Mauritius villas, lived a real party, with the opening of the amphitheatre that surrounds the new chessboard with their squares of marble, the rededication of the Miguel Najdorf walk and the enhancement of the square in general, which now becomes a public space to enjoy to the maximum.

The event was attended; Mayor Jorge Macri, Ludovico cricket Secretary of education and Director of education Susana de Latorre.

There were a number of activities that summoned a crowd of neighbors, some of them fond of chess, but many others who were attracted by the colorful and artistic display.

The ceremony began about 3 p.m., when María Kodama read two poems on chess composed by Jorge Luis Borges, while the living chess guys, led by the Coordinator of the school, Professor Beatriz Liendro, depicted with their movements some of the words expressed by the great Argentinian writer in his text, in relation to the chess pieces. It was a luxury to have it current champion Argentine Sub 8, Agustín Fuentes, collaborating with the action of the boys on the giant chessboard. All this within the framework of the new amphitheatre.

Then I talk about the Mayor Jorge Macri, who highlighted the work that has been done in the municipality with the recovery of public spaces, also marking the importance of what has been done by engineer Mario Petrucci, Director of the Municipal School of chess and also present in the event, both in regards to everything to do with the figurines, as in the schools of mathematics and robotics.

Finally, the participants moved to the other end of the square, where the treatment of restoration of boards dedicated to all our world chess champions, as well as the new Board carrying the plate with the name of the international master for 16 years was Alan Pichot, who the year past obtains the highest world class title. Alan thanked the recognition and received demonstrations of affection. Other former world champions who were present in the tribute were: Grand Master Oscar Panno, champion of the world under 20 in 1953, master Internacional Marcelo Tempone, world under 17 champion in 1979, Grand Master Hugo Spangenberg, two-time world champion by team Sub 26 in 1993 and 1997, and great Maestro Diego Valerga, world champion by team Sub 26 in 1997.

A real feast for the neighborhood of Mauritius villas, the municipality of Vicente López and the Argentine chess in general.

IMG_1844 (Small)


May 26, 2015
by Pladiv Putin
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Chess is a very complex sport requiring a player to be in a big way, mental and physical for pay in the competition. Many factors influence the performance of the player, but eat before and during the competition plays a significant role in the tournaments. The ingestion of foods before and during the chess tournament considerably affects operation of the player, in particular nutrition affects the player’s psychological state, attention, memory and overall brain functioning – the most crucial features to chess. Therefore, the chess players should develop a single diet to fit your needs.

The intake of food before playing chess is an absolutely crucial factor in a competition. All food consumed approximately two hours until the round start will affect how the player feels and works during the game. Eating too much, too little or just a guy wrong food can significantly make lower the player’s position in the tournament. Almost all nutrition professionals agree that the food rich in fish fat is especially beneficial for the brain of the chess player. Skolnik, sports nutritionist, says that “there is a bullish trend of Charter on the use of fat fish by athletes and non-athletes equally” (Klein, the diet of Grand Master, 21).

Believed that the Japanese has higher CI due to regular seafood, rich in food oils consumption (Klein, the diet of Grand Master, 21). Kelly a. Hammer, an expert in healthy foods, recommends a high intake of protein and carbonate hydrates chess competition starts. “Carbohydrates will help sustain the focus, while protein will add the necessary nutrients for brain connections”. To get enough carbohydrates, it is advisable to eat many fruits and vegetables, potatoes and rice. Foods such as eggs, chicken, milk and soybeans are high in protein and recommended as a part of the diet of many nutrition professional chess. According to my personal experience, consume products as pork, beef, hamburgers and French fries before any mental or physical activity is not recommended, the digestion of these food products consumed much energy and makes it almost impossible to concentrate and keep you focused during long periods of time. After eating these food products a player would no doubt prefer a NAP, rather than play a game hard. Rule, consume too much of any food, prior to a game of chess is not a good idea because the stomach of the player will do all the work and not your brain.

Not eating enough also is a bad practice. G.M Evgeny Bareev advised hungry before departure: “the mind is clearer and we can calculate best variants and more aggressive”. Many players, including myself, have tried it and isn’t really a very good idea, G.M Gregory Serper says that it is almost impossible to stay, not even close, concentration when you are hungry: “the only thing that can be thought of is the meal” (Klein, the Grand Master of the diet, 22). Must be a balance between the amount of food to be able to play the best chess.This balance is something individual that should be developed by each player and/or with the help of a qualified nutritionist.

The intake of food during the game of chess itself, play even a more significant role in the competition. Not only an opponent is annoyed when someone periodically opens a bottle of water or banana, but that there are real advantages in access to food during a game. If you take a look at any game room, you will see that most of the tables have water, water is the most essential part of the ration of food from the player during a game.According to Kelly Hammer, a sports dietitian, “do not drink enough [water] during a game increases the prevalence of fatigue, headaches and low blood pressure which may adversely affect the results” (Klein, the Grand Master of the diet, 22). There’s a debate ongoing about sports drinks.

The sports dietitian Mitzi Dulan suggests drinking drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade sports during chess tournaments because athletes drink more of these drinks to water regularly. (Klein, the Grand Master of the diet, 22). Hammer argued that chess is not a sport of resistance so the sports drinks do not replace water(Klein, the Grand Master of the diet, 22). From my personal experience I suggest you drink between water and sports drinks, caffeine-free iced tea is what works best I to me since it combats dehydration, provides carbohydrates and it puts a little taste in the mouth at the same time.

Another burning issue is the caffeine. Skolnik thinks: “caffeine is a single thing” (Klein, the diet of Grand Master, 22). This helps a player to keep on guard but to another can cause you to lose concentration and focus because of it. I do not trust the caffeine during a serious game. One day this can help you to wake up, but another day can make you sleepy. Consuming caffeine during a game is a bet: one day you win, one day you do not. That is why I prefer caffeine-free beverages.

Conclusion: intake of foods before and during a chess tournament can significantly affect the chess player.The consumption of too much, too little or just a wrong type of food can act dramatically on the position of the player in the tournament. Many food experts recommend:

Foods rich in fats of fish before and during the game to improve the functioning of the brain.

Indonesian Halal food of Pondok Jawa Timur is also a great advice for all chess  players before competitions.

The proteins are also recommended as a part of the diet of chess. To get enough protein is recommended to eat eggs, chicken, crazy, milk and soy.

Carbohydrates are present in foods such as fruits and vegetables, potatoes and rice.

Drink plenty of water or other beverage to be properly hydrated. Sports drinks and caffeine beverages should be consumed with caution due to the possibility of “double effect”.

It is a practical good take a large Apple or a banana.

The well-balanced diet of chess a bad chess player will not become good at the moment, but it is something that will give a slight “touch” to any player in the competition

May 25, 2015
by Pladiv Putin
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How to keep your room quiet when you are playing chess

Environmental noise, street noise or loud neighbors can be very annoying in a dwelling. So much so that one make soundproofing a room to gain in peace of mind and relaxation.

Today there are materials to soundproof all kinds of surfaces: from the most common, for walls, windows and doors, to shock absorbers for ventilation systems, machines that are on the outside of the building, extractors and systems of air conditioning, etc. I.e. If you want to you can isolate your room noise.

Firstly, one of the elements of the room where more noise sneaks is the window. Materials that are more isolated are PVC and aluminium. Windows that have hinged openings are more isolates. Likewise, to thicker glass, greater soundproofing. You can also use secondary double Glazing and sealing the windows very well to the wall.

As for the walls for soundproofing must be an air Chamber between the wall and the insulation that is going to get. In the space left between the two place absorbent and is the new plasterboard wall.

In relation to the ceilings, you can build a double septum. Must keep in mind that placing the absorbent material on the outside, be optimized reverb; However, this will not improve significantly the insulation. On the other hand, if installed in the part of inside (between the two sides of the septum), that there will be a clear improvement of the insulation. Thus, the bigger the air Chamber that is left between partitions, the greater the insulation.

Also the doors are keys to a secluded room. Those rooms that are fully lined (windows, ceilings, floors, walls and door) them are known as floating boxes.

Finally, to isolate a room, the last part is the soil. For him, there are a variety of elements such as rubber pads floating concrete, a bancadas anti-vibration, anti-impact sheets, anti-vibration plates of different densities to reduce vibration, floors, etc.

May 14, 2015
by Pladiv Putin
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A fifth grade child suicide after losing a game of chess

The ten-year old boy was launched by a window of the second floor of the school of New Jersey during the break between classes.

Menor de quinto de primaria se suicida tras perder juego de ajedrez

The Assistant told police that the child was upset that his opponent captured their King without saying “checkmate”.

A child of fifth grade he lost a game of chess during the break time and he committed suicide by jumping out a window of the second floor of the school after his opponent would not say “checkmate” before taking their King, police said.

Dumont police unveiled a report on Wednesday about what happened until the student of 10 years of the saltera Grant Elementary School vacuum after a chess match last month, reported the newspaper The Record.

The Assistant told police that the child was upset that his opponent captured their King without saying “checkmate”. She added that she saw the child write a note after the departure, deliver it to his opponent and ask you to not read it until it reached to the cafeteria.

The Assistant said she confiscated the note, read it and when turned saw the boy jumping out the window, says the report.

According to the report, a classmate said that the child had alluded to throw through the window on at least four occasions. After a tight game of chess in December, said the classmate, the boy became enraged after losing and said: “I am very near of throw me out the window”.

The classmate said that never told anyone about the threats because he thought the boy was joking, says the report.

Parents of the boy who committed suicide are asking help of Personal injury attorney Boca Raton to guide them through the process of obtaining compensation for their son’s accident.

May 13, 2015
by Pladiv Putin
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Technology to go to the dentist for chess player

Go to the doctor(Dr. James Strawn) or the dentist sometimes is not so serious. Many times we will we check routinely either, in the case of the dentist, to make us dental cleaning. And on these occasions we make our appointment with the health care professional and have to wait for us to attend. More than once we will be pasadoque if our appointment was at 5 in the afternoon, we cater at 5:30, but we are going, because the previous patient took much longer than expected.

What to do in the meanwhile? Many people read magazines that are generally in the office, but which are already old and therefore, the information you give in many ways no longer relevant. So, I think that the best thing you can do is remove your Smartphone and do something useful with it. As a player of chess competition, one must actually be always prepared for when a tournament is present. Often have no time play training or exercise of analysis, of tactics, of those who appear in some publications with the header “white play and win“, for example. As well, I have decided to take advantage of these dead times playing chess on my Android phone. I have found that there are several appropriate programs to compete against the tiny device in my hand.

There are several programs that have become popular in the world of computer chess. One of them is the Chess Genius, which comes in a free version and a pay. The free version plays for a score of moves and dramatically lower your level, so it is recommended to make pay (about $5 for it) version.

Now, that if you want to compete against a grandmaster literally against the visor of your Android phone, the recommendation is using Droid Fish, that is the portable version of StockFish, one of the most powerful PC chess programs that exist. The great advantage of this program is that it is free and also playing remarkably well. So that that even grandmasters of chess pale before the chess power that the program displays. If you are a player’s first force, tournament, which takes science as I play seriously, Droid Fish is the choice to follow. If you want an acceptable opponent, just the Chess Genius and if you are just a beginner, Chess Genius Lite is the choice.

May 10, 2015
by Pladiv Putin
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Chess Cafe



Afternoons until nightfall to play chess in the small and modest “Coffee-Pott” of Berlin.

By chance I came as a stranger and I watched some silent and concentrated groups around a chessboard and at the same time I was surprised other tables with noisy people, arguing the moves, then I knew that if I wanted to play chess and measure my abilities with other enthusiasts, I had found my home for recreation.


But, then I realized, that all those lovers of chess would not allow me to play as an intruder in his circle.

Looking around the tables, I saw an old man with white beard, drinking his coffee and smoking a pipe.


I approached and asked if he would be willing to play a game with me.

He was immediately as, put the pieces on the Board and win, played who start.

Of course, the old did not know who had opposite.

Quickly I realized, that was one of the weaker opponents of all the coffee.

Despite everything, he wanted to avoid at all costs to losing.

Rather, my opponent embodied a conflict – but also a solid solution.

Its key patent for the contradiction between ambition and poor capacity used it in those moments, when his opponent believed, that the game was almost won.


The weakest acknowledged the superiority of its opponent.

Had to suffer deterioration of their position – until the defeat, which for him meant an unbearable loss of image.

For this reason, quickly activated the emergency brake in the sense, that began to reflect for some time and more about its next move.

At most take, this was made to wait up to 45 minutes and gave me the impression that the opponent had gradually fallen asleep.


The consequence was, that I was forced to put a logical claim to my opponent and I begged him to move tab as soon as possible.

All of this I started to grow impatient and I wanted to drive my strong attack to the deserved victory.

So sterile waiting made me nervous, and with good reason.

What I didn’t expect was that my adversary to react with a dignity and distant misunderstanding.

I had to hear from him, that we jugáremos without clock; without prior agreement.

All my intentions to appeal to the “fair play” in this sport and in personal relationships were totally useless.


This regular customer of that green coffee bean max review did it impress.

Flamboyantly filled his pipe and asked another latte.

Who is pressed for time or have drones in pants, not must never touch the chessmen.

So I exhausted my patience and told him:

“Yes, you are right, my winning position will lose and you are the only person in this place, which means something in chess.
In addition, it is only a matter of time!”

My pointed irony did not get their goal instantly express this last comment, came the waitress and brought him coffee.

So it is stressed, for who was the advantage “it is only a matter of time“.

I have to confess, that another remedy was not me before exploit to my King, accompanied by a mocking smile on my part.


I got up and I left. But “in passant” parts of the Board arrollé with my sleeve.

Rooks, bishops and pawns fell everywhere.


The winner of the game, very surprised, raised his eyebrows.

What a rude!

It he sipped loud your hot coffee and then headed towards the central field of friends and chess players.


Waiting for you there, modestly group asked: “who has won your game?“.

With all the calm of the world replied: “I, who fate!

April 27, 2015
by Pladiv Putin
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Ajedrecistas con discapacidad visual en Torneo Internacional   

Four Santander athletes participate in the 4th International chess tournament – Cup San Francisco de Quito that takes place in the Ecuadorian capital from 2 until 5 December.

Torneo internacional de ajedrez para personas con discapacidad empezó en Quito. Foto: Carlos Augusto Rojas Acevedo/ EL COMERCIO

Quito brings together 24 of the best players with visual impairment and low vision belonging to Bolivia, Ecuador and Colombia. The tournament is played with the Swiss system, to seven games. I.e., all participants will play seven times, leaving champion who earn more score.

The ‘red’ delegation is composed of athletes Alba Luz Ruiz, Marcela Sepúlveda, Johan Camilo Cancino and Edgar Rico; the delegate Martha Mantilla and coach Pablo Ruiz. This is the first time in history that the State Government and the Indersantander support a tournament or preparation of international athletes with visual limitation.


En la imagen están Juan Antonio Loaiza y Carolina Aracena, boliviana que está ayudando al ajedrecista originario de Sucre en la capital ecuatoriana. Foto: Carlos Augusto Rojas Acevedo/ EL COMERCIOPictured are Juan Antonio Loaiza and Carolina Aracena, Bolivia is helping the native player of Sucre in the Ecuadorian capital.

According to the santandereano athlete Johan Camilo Cancino, who was pleased by this international involvement, “we come to this tournament is very important, we gain experience to compete with athletes from other countries.” We thank the Governor of Santander, Richard Aguilar Villa and the Indersantander for giving us the opportunity to learn about another country, learn and interact with other cultures”.

The President of the Council Metropolitan of disabilities of Quito, María Camila Pinzón, said in a press release that “for the city of Quito and Ecuador it is very important that Colombia and Santander are with us in this tournament, one of the most important skills we have. Thank you for the presence of these athletes that give greater impact to the event”.

The international swithch gear given to recognize and enhance the work of athletes who will represent the Department in the upcoming national games and individual skills of 2015.

You want to take part in the competition but you are lack of money? We have an organization can help you solve financial problem, contact disability benefits Canadian to have more detail.




April 26, 2015
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‘Probably I have become world champion too soon’

Ruslan Ponomariov was born on October 11, 1983 in Ukraine. At the age of fourteen he became the youngest player in history to achieve the Grandmaster title. In 2002, at age 18, he defeated his compatriot Vassily Ivanchuk and won the FIDE World Championship. The duel for the world title against Garry Kasparov, initially planned for the following year, was finally suspended. In this interview you can read, as Ponomariov found hair across the bed after a visit to the “champion world of hairdressing salon”, as a few Chilblains bathing in icy water and that their dream would traverse the steppes of Mongolia on horseback were cured him.

Ruslan Ponomariov: “probably became world champion too soon”

On October 11, the first and so far only Ukrainian world champion, served 25 years. Here are excerpts from an interview with him, made by GM Dmitry Komarov for the Russian magazine “Sobytiya”.

When I lost my father, almost went I wanted to hit him

“Probably got world champion too soon”, recalled Ruslan Ponomariov, sitting in the cafeteria where we find it, near his home in Poznyak, Kiev. “People expected too much of my and tried to do the best which was able to comply with this new status.” But it wasn’t easy. Today, there is no any key player, even if it is champion of the world, as in the case of Kasparov or Karpov. They are important to the smallest details, and if something goes wrong, our rivals will take advantage of it without mercy. Yes, it is true that I have lately disappeared a little in the shadow, but chess is still my profession. I’m still working hard on it. Finally, you know if you don’t train you and act as best you can, you can achieve anything.

Question: How did you you crowned champion?

Response: I started to play with my father when just he was seven years old. At the beginning I used to lose much and angry me terribly. They almost went I feel like beating my father. When he realized it began offering me tables and more forward began to beat him. The thing became less interesting. But then appeared a chess coach in our school and a group was formed. I started to go and little by little I began to study the theory. Then we play competitions in neighbouring regions and then also in other cities. It was then that arose the desire to become a professional chess player.

Q: I know that for a period of six years, since you won the Championship, you have managed to get two higher degrees of vocational training.

A: Since the times of the era of the Soviet Union, in our society there was the opinion that one should have a university education. So I chose the Institute of law that was not far from my house in Kramatorsk, whereupon it could study without that would conflict with other aspects of my life. My thesis with the title “Challenges and prospects for legislation improved in international competitions” was dedicated to the analysis of the contract of my mourning suspended against Garry Kasparov. My top sports training was obtained rather by chance. After a long interval, the State University of physical education in Kiev offered specialization in chess and I decided to not only support my friends, gaining new students giving them a personal example, but also to develop my own knowledge. This summer I finished my thesis on analysis of chess software. I was invited to stay in high school, but I didn’t. We already have enough teachers.

Q: how profitable is your profession?

A: Chess is not a sport to earn much money, especially compared with soccer, tennis or golf. The fact that chess is not Olympic sport has effects on its prestige and popularity. The other day I called the finance authorities.Apparently he had read in the press that I won lots of money [for his victory in the World Championship, Ruslan took some 380,000 USD, clean – D.K.]. I had them to explain that newspapers do not always publish certain facts. By the way, I paid all my own pocket training sessions. And sometimes that even came out against me. I hired Veselin Topalov to be my coach when I was preparing for the duel against Kasparov, and paid him an amount amount of money. But as it became obvious, he won more than such cooperation. It is now at the top of the list of FIDE and I’m in position 22.

Sergey Karjakin, Ruslan Ponomariov and Veselin Topalov in Bilbao 2005

Q: Pay you a State salary?

A: The pay for being a member of the national team of Ukraine are two thousand hryvnia [around 350 USD] per month. But I rejected it. I want that chess be respected and paid properly. At one point, an athlete’s career ends. Four years ago, wrote frankly on “Facts” that the chess Olympiad Winners [the State paid ten thousand hryvnia for this success] should receive recognition similar to that the winners of the gold medals received at the Olympics. Since then it has not changed anything and why I’ve never returned to play in the national team over the past three years. Before, when I was a kid, it was interesting to play for the team. At one point I left out, due to various intrigues. But in 1998, we won the bronze medal and I managed to win the decisive point.Then I won the gold both in the World Championship and the Olympics. In this way I have shown that I am professional and now les officials demonstrate the same thing.

Q: Would you not wanted to play in a traditional as the forums Super-tournament?

A: I know, some of the participants, including some foreigners, received money to participate, in addition to the awards. The first time I played free, but I now insist that the conditions should be more or less the same level as other major international tournaments. Why Ukrainians, and not just the players, must earn less than residents in European countries?

Q: Have you ever thought why money is important?

A: Economic independence means freedom and choice. One can accept some and reject others. For example, if Ukraine were rich, we would be able to make our own policy, but as things stand, there are other countries that decide what should be the fate of the Ukrainians.

P : And how would you like to spend your hard-earned cash?

R: I have a dream. I would like to travel the steppes of Mongolia on horseback. One of my friends from the Institute of physical education has traveled to Antarctica and has brought me a coin as a souvenir. When I am listening to their stories about the ice and penguins it makes me want to see also the Antarctic. Already I’ve heard of that pleasure would cost me around $ 10,000.

P : You would not have fear of dying you cold there out?

A: You don’t have to be afraid to cold. Last December I had Chilblains in my ear. The doctor told me to take antibiotics and that one month I get in bed. But just then I went to a baptism and my friends persuaded me to put me in a hole in the ice with them.

P : Go! what happened?

R: until then had never tried to swim in winter. Of course, I was a little nervous. But when the priest blessed the hole in ice, in the form of a cross, I got into the water with the other. It was wonderful, and the next day my ear had completely healed. A month later I was in Spain. Course, it’s much less cold than in Kiev, but still was pretty cold and I could not resist to swim in the Atlantic.

P : And how you keep in shape?

A: Ten years ago I started to play football but I soon decided that I thought it was a too violent sport, broke my leg and with that left him. Jogging always seemed boring, so I bought a bike. But when all the districts of Kiev had travel me, I also started to bore me. In addition, our capital is not exactly friendly with cyclists. There are no bike lanes so you spend all the time on the verge of being run over by a car. So now I go to the gym and pool; I do exercises with weights of 5 kg daily.

P : Many famous people not only tend to go to the gym but it also go to beauty salons, hairdressers, etc. do you also?

To: when I coroné me world champion, decided that it should start to worry about my appearance. I approached me a room in Moscow’s name “Dolores”. The owner is the “champion of the world of hairdressing”. I paid about $100 for a normal haircut. I went back to the hotel, went to bed and when I woke up the next morning, my hair was all over the pillow. Since I usually go to the normal Barber.

P : Do you usually go to the field often?

R: to my I love to train me in some areas of the field in Ukraine. What I especially like is to catch carp in the Lakes. Once we went fishing at a lake that was partitioned into sectors with barriers and fail to catch anything.Then the owner of the resort where we were staying took us to an old man. It turned out to be very nice and allowed us not only to fish in their particular Lake but that he also shared with us some delicatessen as rabbit liver and a brandy that was distilled illegally.

P : Do you like singing?

R: actually, I love to sing. Different thing is that I have no talent whatsoever. In changing my sister Yes. She is ending her violin studies and is preparing to go to the Conservatoire. I remember when I went to a karaoke bar for the first time in my life in Lausanne and I was scared of it rather than sang customers. They had no Russian songs in the Repertoire, but still I got up, I waited my turn and I even clapped a little. Now I’d like to find a similar site in Kiev.

Ruslan with her younger sister, Ludmilla, who wants to be a professional violinist

P : What are the most amazing memories that you’ve taken your travel?

R: once I was invited to a dacha in Barvikha, near the famous Rublevo-Uspenscom Shosse, where they live all those Russian millionaires. My friend had a relatively modest two-room wooden house, but up to that house cost him three million rubles. I peeked through the door to breathe some fresh air in the morning and saw something like a luxury spa and on the side there was a church. I thought: what a beautiful, after a relaxing treatment one can go directly to pray a little. I told my friend and this burst of laughter because it turned out that this was not a spa but the dacha of one of the new Russian millionaires.

And last year I travelled for the first time to the Czech Republic, to play in the tournament in Karlovy Vary. I thought I could familiarize myself with Czech culture and meet some Czechs of the place. But it turned out that the local language was Russian and that almost everyone was from Russia or Ukraine.

Last year, met his girlfriend Ines Ruslan Ponomariov in the “League of Champions” tournament in the Basque country (Spain) Inés is 21 years old and studying Philology. Ruslan not revealed many details of his relationship with his girlfriend, but Agnes published some photos of your vacation with Ruslan in his blog. This year, Ruslan visited her several times and in June Ines returned the visit to Kiev.

R: No, have no plans to marry. Due to the many trips that we do, and why not say it, our selfish characters, chess players tend to have a high Divorce in Arizona, AZ rate.

P : Of course, your colleague Alexei Shirov, recently, divorced by third time. you give sentence?

To: why I should be worth? Perhaps one should rejoice over it (laughs). Once a relationship is broken, do to what extend it? One always should look at the positive side of things and move forward. The case is that it should be able to earn reasonable money to support his four children. Seriously, the key to resolving the problems of everyday life is avoiding conflicts with the closest and most beloved people and focus on what matters most. And the most important thing for myself now is chess.

April 20, 2015
by Pladiv Putin
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Chess and work

Chess is rejected many times by workers who do not know because they imagine the heavy duty which means to solve many difficult problems, that it is necessary to work hard and long hours to not get very little.

It is surprising that there are people able to spend thousands of hours in study a game, for in the end not obtain anything. Chess may then seem a game for madmen. But in capitalism, just in case… does not occur the same? Not have one grueling hours of work just to survive? The worker flees both chess and work and prefers to concentrate on simple things. As Marx said “the human becomes animal and the animal in man”. This article arises to elucidate what attitude we have against the work, which is the same as that with chess. In a socialist revolution that we put, head of production and the need to improve our productivity, know how to play chess, know the dialectics of transformation, as well as perform volunteer  job openings near me let us reverse the alienation, be more conscious and free, planning our lives.


What is the alienation of labor?

Let’s look at a small quote from Marx that shows in simple manner, how really is our attitude towards work, since we were born in this capitalist society to this day in will finally disappear.

What is, then, the alienation of labor?” First of all in that labour is external to the worker, i.e., does not belong to its being; that in his work, the worker does not assert, but it refuses; does not feel happy but miserable; It does not develop a free physical and spiritual energy but mortifies his body and ruins his spirit. Why the worker only feels itself outside of work, and work out. It is in one’s own when not working and when you work on one’s own. His work is not, thus, voluntary, but forced, forced labour. That is why it is not the satisfaction of a need, but only a means to meet the needs out of work. Its strange character is clearly evident in the fact that as soon as there is no physical coercion or otherwise flees work as from the plague. External work, the work that it alienates man, is a work of self-sacrifice, of asceticism. Last term, for the worker shows the exteriority of the work that is not yours, but of another, which does not belong to you; in that when it is on it is does not belong to itself, but to another“(Marx, Karl; “Manuscripts economic and philosophical 1844″).

The workman is poorest much more wealth producing, more grows in power and volume production. The worker becomes one cheaper so commodity produced many more goods. The devaluation of the human world grows in direct reason for the valorization of the world of things. The work not only produces goods; It also produces itself and the worker as a commodity, and justly in the proportion in which produces goods in general.

The obrero-mercancia is the slave of his own production. This happens every day of our lives under capitalism. But it has not always been so. It can be said that humanity itself is the work product, Engels shows it in its known the role of work in the transformation of the ape man when he says that “first work, then and with it the word articulated, were the two main stimuli under whose influence the brain of monkey was gradually transformed into human brain“. The category of alienated labour is a great contribution of Marx to understand why it is such an unpleasant despite its enormous importance for life. It is necessary that we look at how to modify this situation, to be happier and that socialist revolution not just give food to the hungry, work for the unemployed and greater dignity, but also achieve this situation in the background: that the work ceases to be a painful obligation, we do only if we receive a good salary to compensate us. Otherwise, never will be communism.

The importance of voluntary work and the new Communist attitude

Lenin stated that the Communist attitude towards labour “is based and increasingly with the passage of time, will be based in the discipline free and conscious of the own workers who have knocked down the yoke of the landlords and capitalists“. Therefore, he stood out as a major initiative the development of volunteer work that made Moscow workers in civil war and who then had systematized in all Russia. They had dubbed their volunteer work as ‘Communist Saturday’. Let’s see:

‘Communist Saturdays’ are so important because they were initiated by workers who in any way were conditions exceptionally favorable, by workers of various trades and some without any office, simple unskilled workers, who live in ordinary conditions, i.e., extremely difficult.” We all know very well what is the main cause of the decline of the labor productivity which is observed not only in Russia, but in the whole world: is the ruin and misery, irritation and fatigue caused by the imperialist war, disease and malnutrition. The latter, because of its importance, occupies the first place. Hunger: that is the cause.And to end hunger must raise the productivity of labour in agriculture, transport and industry. Is, therefore a kind of vicious circle: to raise labour productivity have to end hunger, and for ending hunger we have to raise the productivity of the work“.”

We know that in practice such contradictions are resolved, breaking the vicious cycle, producing a radical change in the mood of the masses, with the heroic initiative of certain groups, which often play a role on the basis of this radical change.” The inexperienced workers and railway workers in Moscow are workers who live in extremely difficult conditions. Their food is always poor, and now, before the new harvest, with the general worsening of the food supply, actually die of hunger. And yet, these hungry workers, encircled by the malicious counter-revolutionary propaganda of the bourgeoisie, the Mensheviks and the eseristas, organize ‘Communist Saturday’, work hours extra without any payment, and achieved a huge increase of productivity of work, despite being tired, exhausted and bedridden by poor nutrition. Is this not an extraordinary heroism?“Isn’t this the beginning of a change of transcendental importance?(V. I. Lenin, a major initiative, 1919).

The argentino-cubano revolutionary Ernesto Guevara was one of the biggest promoters of volunteer system and made him known around the world promoting it with his own example since he understood it as a moral and economic factor, an important element in socialist Cuba economic plan and argued that all leaders should take the lead. The sense of this voluntary sacrifice is that “work must acquire a new status; the mercancia-hombre continues to exist and installed a system that grants a fee for the fulfillment of social duty. The means of production belong to society and the machine is only the trench where the duty is fulfilled. The man begins to liberate their thinking from the annoying fact that meant the need for your animal needs through work. It starts to be portrayed in his work and understand its human scale through the object created, the work carried out. This already not there leave a part of his being shaped sold labor force, which does not belong more, but means an emanation of itself, a contribution to the common life which is reflected; the fulfillment of its social duty“(E. Guevara, socialism and man in Cuba, 1965). A simpler way to put it: “work should be a moral necessity our; the work should be something which we go every morning, every afternoon, or every night, with renewed enthusiasm, with renewed interest. We have to learn to take away work that has interesting or what’s creator, to know the most intimate secret of the machine or the process in which we have to work“(E. Guevara, speech given on December 16, 1963). And on another occasion also pointed out that “the important thing is that a part of the life of the individual that is delivered to the society without waiting for nothing, without compensation of any kind and only in compliance with the social duty” (E. Guevara, speech on May 9, 1964).

Chess, source of joys and challenges

Who has studied and practiced chess knows the joy of work very hard to overcome every day. That is differently against the sacrifice, as when one loves what it does not repair them and gives everything to continue improving and progressing. We can say that chess combines the work, play, art and science. But it has a terrible limitation that means the individual game. Parts are working together it is true, one learns of unrelated items and trained with teachers also it is true, but the chess player has to be hours and hours only on a Board, solving difficult problems.

Among the benefits we can highlight that one learns to take responsibility for their own mistakes. But this can also engender a feeling of great safety (or inferiority, as the case may be) in your own capabilities, which can lead to believe that one is self-sufficient. This individualistic thinking, unfortunately is very common among the Argentine players, so that when a fan of the working class participates in a tournament you can see an environment that is petulant, vain, where many ‘believe it is’ big. It was (and still is) a major challenge for the players in this situation. It is necessary to plan from now different alternatives for it, as it might be to develop volunteer work days to promote chess among the masses, making simultaneous public and split classes, without seeking any economic revenue.

The Soviets made a great effort in that same sense. Already discussed in another article of the “first five-year plan” to organize brigades of players that take chess to factories, schools and rural villages. From the sporting aspect, we can say that in the palaces of pioneers (centres for children and young people encountered in the USSR where the creative work and sports promoted) group in thousands of baby geniuses work is pushed. This was expressed in long hours of training collective, with athletics and swimming, exercises analysis by team of each match and cooperation when they played in international tournaments, making tables for not exhausting is among them.

Robert Fischer was a staunch critic of this stance, calling it unsportsmanlike and be a “trap” by the Russians. Surely that’s why is so valued and featured chess culture of the West.

Furthermore, it is a unique case in history. Bobby really worked 24 hours to improve your chess, never tired of doing so. At age 11 the title of Grand Master International had achieved the title of champion in the United States and the 15 years. He thought since then was the best player in the world and wanted to prove it by obtaining the maximum trophy. But in his path stood dozens of walls, represented by the top Soviet players. It was then that he began to denounce the Communist practices that prevented him to reach the highest level.Let us not forget, McCarthyism and the cold war that surrounded Bobby childhood. He had simply assumed that all the blame was Communists. Over a decade, it happened the same. Fischer was a great candidate, but could not express its maximum level. Until finally, at the end of the Decade of the 60s he admitted himself that should improve the own chess and was able to overcome. In 1970 he beat on Taimanov and Larsen (two of the best players in the world) to Tigran Petrosian (former world champion) and six points ahead by four points. This last match was important for chess in our country history, because it was held in the teatro Municipal General San Martín during the 30 days of September and 19 October 1971.Crowds met chess and went to watch the best games in the world.

Yes, Fischer had the chance to contest his awaited World Championship. We saw a victory of Spassky, where the champion sacrificed material to quickly mobilise his army. Now we will see a decisive game for the fate of the match, where the Challenger prevails masterfully and creates a gem of art.