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European Individual Chess Championship 2012

September 12, 2015
by Pladiv Putin
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Spectacular giant chess playground

Piezas de ajedrez gigante

The game of giant chess to play in the garden is spectacular.This game is visually very attractive. The measurement of parts, assistance to the public, if any, can display headings and learn from them. It is also a good way to convert a game where normally players spend long time sitting in a Chair at home, in a game where you walk and play abroad. That is why it is so popular in the nursing homes, public parks, hotels, camping sites and schools.
Giant chess game playground equipment for indoor consists of 32 strong, molded plastic parts of high quality. Giant chess game has a classic design that will facilitate recognition of parts all over the world. It is a game that never becomes fashion and in this giant, tough and durable version is especially recommended to play abroad.

The pieces come in three sections. On the one hand the basis which is divided into two parts, which are easily coupled and that then if you wish, you can fill sand or water. If not windy or if playing indoors, it is not necessary to fill them with nothing. The bases are sufficiently large so that they are not easily tumben. Finally top, comes from a single piece, it is the section that identifies each piece.

piezas de ajedrez gigante

The measures of the giant chess pieces are as follows:
The height of the pieces
Pawn: 43 cm, Bishop: 56 cm, Tower: 43.2 cm, horse: 48 cm, Lady: 58 cm and King: 64 cm
The base is the same for all parts and is 24 cm in diameter.

Juego de Ajedrez Gigante

The Board sold separately, there are customers that have a few tiles at home in the form of chess board by not buying any Board. There are two different models:

3 meters x 3 meters thick canvas Board. Save as if it were a tablecloth.
2.8 x 2.8 meters rigid plastic Board. It consists of several pieces of rigid plastic. It is a grid so that if placed on top of the grass, this is not so mistreated as if you put up a tarp, since this can grow between the holes.


Also sold a bag to store parts.


In our giant chess section , you will find this game, with its accessories, and also giant checkers and other smaller models of chess. It is never late to learn how to play chess.


July 7, 2015
by Pladiv Putin
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Rules of chess about mortgage change of Dead parts

The change law of  mortgage agent 

Pedestrians are often treated as a defensive replacement, used agages sacrifices to avoid losing more “important” pieces on the Board. But when a player uses a pawn for the Exchange, pedestrians suddenly becomes much more powerful. To ready currency with another piece, the player must move to the last row on the Board. For the white pieces, the objective is to reach rank 8. The black pawns are struggling to rank 1. Once a pawn reaches the last row in the table, it can be changed by another piece. Besides being known as a”pawn”, this move is also called as “pawn of conversion”, “promotion” or “grade”.

Interchangeable parts

Pedestrians is often confused with the Queens when they promote, but the players are not limited to this single option. A pedestrian graduated can be changed by a horse, Bishop, Tower, or the Queen of the same color. A player is not required to change its promise for a piece that lost. For example, if the player still has his Queen intact, but you want to change a pawn promoted to a Queen this is perfectly acceptable.

When Convert

Change a pawn for a “dead” or captured chess piece is an important strategy, and its usage in the game could be crucial. In general, players use the pedestrian Exchange only towards the end of the game, in part because several steps are needed to advance a pawn from all the way across the Board.Start pawns are hoping to convert its target during the mid-play of the game, once the opening volleys were fired in movement. It is often better to support the potential conversion of pawns with a Bishop or rook. It’s typically prudent groped to send four of their eight pawns toward the end of the table. Of them, with enough skill and strategy, chances are that you will be able to change one or two.

Exchange rules

Chess notes no limit when it comes to an exchange of tokens. In theory, a player can move all of your chips and makes them more powerful, although this is an unlikely outcome. Only pedestrians can be changed on the other hand, conversion does not apply to any other piece on the Board. Pawns can become any other piece in the game, save the King.

June 29, 2015
by Pladiv Putin
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How to be a better chess player

Anyone can try their luck in a game of chess, but it takes a little more effort to be a good chess player. Keep reading to learn how to develop your chess skills.


Method 1 of 2: convert you into a better player of chess

  1. Become a Better Chess Player Step 1.jpg
    Learn to play chess. Not is possible improve if not know the rules or how move a piece correctly.


  2. Become a Better Chess Player Step 2.jpg
    Join you to a club of chess local. I know social and free with the chess. No trates of feel you well to the play with people that clearly are worse that you. If you have that do things to feel you better after a loss, the chess not is a game for you.
  3. Become a Better Chess Player Step 3.jpg
    Learn the values of the parts. A pawn is worth a point. The Knights and bishops are worth three points each. A tower is worth five points. A Queen is worth nine points.

    • Do not sacrifice any part unless you have a clear victory. For example, not you must sacrifice a horse for an attack on the flank of the King unless you are sure that you can win.
    • It is not appropriate to change a Bishop (by value of 3) and a horse (by value of 3) by a Tower (by value of 5), and a pawn (by value of 1) because the horse, and the Bishop are more powerful than a tower and the pawn will not come into play until the end of the game.
    • These values are relative. In some positions, a Bishop or a Knight are stronger than a tower.
  4. Become a Better Chess Player Step 4.jpg
    Always takes the bishops and horses. Pawns are used too and with exaggeration, and often developing parts fail to develop. Then, your opponent generally will be a Bishop through your pawn structure.

    • Too many pawns move weakens the flank of a castling King and you exposed to attacks. Move too many pawns usually weakens your structure of pawns in the endgame.
  5. Become a Better Chess Player Step 5.jpg
    Understands how to play. There are two main ways in which people play. Some have a strong defense and aggressive people who use this style can be very deadly. The other type takes advantage. In an instant they seize any error that his opponent commits, developing rapidly and leaving with an open position. None of them is the best, although the main population prefers a stronger than capital game.

    • It is easier to attack than defend. Some like to play schemes where sacrificed a pawn to get an attack because they find that they earn a higher percentage of games.
  6. Become a Better Chess Player Step 6.jpg
    Entering your first tournament. It enters there with the mindset that you are going to sweep this series of games. Forget the score. Forget about the scores.Only salt and play the best you can, it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  7. Become a Better Chess Player Step 7.jpg
    Looking for an opponent. Find people who are better than you and “compete” against them. Play with them. Go to the tournaments that go. Little by little you acostumbrarás to your playing style and use it against them and others. Don’t think about this “rival” as someone whom he exceeded. Don’t give up if you lose. It plays again, and again, and again. Do this until you’ve learned your style and how to counter it.
  8. Become a Better Chess Player Step 8.jpg
    Studying to your GM (Grandmaster) followers. Studies, play, study, play. Learn how to use their techniques, and how to counter them.
  9. Become a Better Chess Player Step 9.jpg
    Lee one of the 10 best books written about chess. Here are some good books:

    • “Logical chess move by move” of Irving Chernev. It teaches you how to attack the King at the opening of the pawn and the King to play positional chess with the queen pawn openings.
    • “My system” from Aaron Nimzowitsch.
    • “Think like a grandmaster” of Alexander Kotov. This book explains how to analyze variations so you can play the game medium to a much higher level.
    • “Judgement and planning in chess” of Max Euwe. A classic book that explains how to judge a position based on the advantage of space, the combinations, the advantages of end, attack King and pawn structures.
    • “Bobby Fischer teaches chess,” Bobby Fischer. A classic book that teaches chess tactics for beginners.
    • “Chess master vs.” amateur chess”Max Euwe and Walter Meiden. This book explains how a teacher beats an amateur to make the right decision based on the needs of the positions.
    • “Practical chess end” of Irving Chernev. 300 end of game that begins simple but end up with a higher degree of difficulty.
    • “1001 check kill” of Fred Reinfield. A classic book that will help you to see several checkmate and to calculate the variations.
    • “Ideas behind the chess openings” of Reuben Fine. It explains the strategies behind the openings so that you can remember and play better.
    • “100 selected games” of Botvinnik.
    • “Basic end of chess” Reuben fine. A thick book that is a classic and explains all kinds of endings.
    • “Count points in chess” I. A. Horowitz. A classic book that gives a range of 32 positional features and teaches how convert these 32 advantage into a victory.
    • “How to win in the finals of the chess” I.A. Horowitz. This book explains strategies of late without complex variations.
    • “Fundamentals of chess” of José Raúl Capablanca. This book teaches the opening, middle game and end strategies.
  10. Become a Better Chess Player Step 10.jpg
    Learn the basic rules of the end. End of game strategy: “If you have the advantage in materials, change parts, not pawns. If you go back with materials, change pawns and you can force a draw”.

    • Without pawns, you must have at least one more tower to force a mate; the only exception to this is that two Knights and a King can not force a mate against a lone King.
    • The King is a powerful piece; use it to block and attack the pawns.
    • Bishops of opposite colors lead to tie most of the time, because none of the parties can move pawns without losing them. A pawn of Tower and a single Bishop are tied to a black King if the Bishop is the color opposite to the coronation box.
    • The bishops are worth more than the horses in all but the closed positions of pawns.
    • The pawns, towers, and the bishops are more valuable in the process of the game, so play to preserve them.
    • Many games with all the pawns on one side of the Board ends in draw. 90% of games masters ending in a draw where all of the pawns are on one side of the Board because the master with fewer pawns exchanged pawns and then sacrifice a Knight or Bishop by the last of the pawns. If you stay with only a Bishop or Knight you can not force a mate.
    • The tower and the horse, or the rook and Bishop, often can only draw against a tower.
    • In the end with the Queen, which the Queen moves to the Center first dominates the game.
  11. Become a Better Chess Player Step 11.jpg
    Powerful pawn structures are:

    • An “external pawn” attracts the King of the opponent to the other side, allowing you to eat the rest of his pawns or move your pawns on the other side of the Board.
    • A “last pawn” is not blocked by another pawn and must be pushed. Nimzovich said, the “last pawn must be pushed”.
    • A “protected passed pawn” is a passed pawn that is protected by another pawn.A protected passed pawn forces the opponent to constantly defend themselves against progress.
  12. Become a Better Chess Player Step 12.jpg
    The weak pawn structures are:

    • The doubled pawns do not defend each other and are under attack.
    • Isolated pawns are weak and should be screened by a piece.
    • Backward pawns which are on open rows are extremely weak and susceptible to be attacked by the towers.
    • A King in opposition can tie against a King pawn.
    • A tower on the seventh rank is worthy to sacrifice a pawn.
    • The Zugzwang is one in that if your opponent changes its position, it becomes weaker (prefer to renounce their turn), and is common in chess.
    • The end of rook and pawn are the most difficult, so avoid them.
  13. 13
    Plays chess at blind. You will teach how to not forget and learn what parts are attacking to what boxes. Since your brain is will be forced to memorize much information about the State of the Board of all ways, not will be so difficult that learn to organize it. You train slowly to see the image full, you will notice statements very complex on the State of the Board and you give has of what movement you must do. In fact, with the time will improve in the chess to blind rather than in the chess normal if you trained by equal.
  14. 14
    Note the patterns in them played that tend to do that to win the game. Not follow step 3 all the time without exceptions, but rather judged the arrangement of the parts and decide if it is worth making an Exchange. It is good to Exchange parts more easily if you take advantage. Use your skill to realize patterns. Make a move that you predijiste will cause that your opponent says a bug that allows you to win the game.Strategy may include know with which person you’re playing, you realize the errors committed at the start of the game or pay attention to the pattern of common mistakes that people tend to commit.

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Method 2 of 2: practice like a champion

  1. 677910 13.jpg
    Stores the first 12 plays of the best 20 games of the chess masters great. You can find these games online easily at sites such as chessgames.com. You must memorize you the top ten moves of white and black to get an idea of how the true masters of the chess begin their games. This will help you get an idea of how to succeed and how to highlight. In addition, memorize these moves will make you more disciplined, since you will have to train your mind to “absorb” them, as well as to understand what makes them so effective.
  2. 677910 14.jpg
    Solve 10,000 puzzles on your favorite puzzle web site. You can use web sites such as Chesstempo, Chessity or Puzzle Books. As said Malcom Gladwell, “work at anything over 10,000 hours make you an expert, so imagine the professional you will be after solve 10,000 puzzles!”. Of course, this you can take a long time, but if you trace you make at least one a day, you’ll go very far. You can also start drawing you a more realistic goal, as 1,000 puzzles.
  3. 677910 15.jpg
    Uses chess apps on your phone. You can also use the application of the world champions of chess or other chess players-oriented applications. While practicing to be a master of chess requires complete concentration, have an application on your phone that is related to chess can help you train when you find yourself with some unexpected free time.
  4. 677910 16.jpg
    Play in local tournaments. Enroll in all tournaments as you can and make sure you play at least once a week no matter how tired or frustrated you can be. Local tournaments are the way to help you practice playing against real players and also to improve your technique and strategy.
  5. 677910 17.jpg
    Check your games with a chess trainer. You have a chess trainer can cost you an arm and the face, but it can definitely help you improve your game and develop the discipline necessary to be able to think out of the ordinary. You can also find a chess coach online that can help you review your moves and give you an idea of what you did wrong and what you did well. Recognize your strengths and your strengths is the best way to succeed in chess.
  6. 677910 18.jpg
    Plays at least 10,000 chess games. Do you remember what we said about to become a true professional after having done anything for more than 10,000 hours? While performing the mentioned methods of practice they will help you, at the end everything boils down to play as many games as you can. If you are genuinely committed to become a better chess player, this is the path that you must follow.


  • Strategically, study “the art of the thinking logic”, of McDonalds and Seirawan. Books like “My system” are really classic, but far above the capabilities of beginners and intermediate players. You will end up wasting your time; you really have to learn to walk before we can run.
  • He understands that you as everything, practice makes perfect. Chess is no exception. In fact, need years to develop into a strong chess player, but don’t get discouraged. Get a consistent and reasonable curriculum (and keep it), and do gradually more and more strong.
  • Don’t believe the lies about “visual contact” or “mislead people bluffing”. Lee and focus on the Board. Chess is not poker.
  • When you study the strategy, write down the ideas and plans that will give you, and be sure to put them into practice in your own games. It is easy to have one of those moments where you say “AHA!” when you’re studying, but then immediately back to your same old thinking process on the Board. To improve, you must improve your thought process and put into practice new ideas on the Board.
  • Don’t worry about the study of the opening lines; When you start, you’ll see that nobody plays main lines (because nobody knows them), so all the memory you made will be for nothing. Focus on sound principles (move each piece once before moving any piece twice, centralize your pieces, inhibit the development of your opponent, develop your pieces so that your opponent pawn cost work advance) and you will at least equal the opening (which is what you should do, anyway). Do not play with unusual as the Blackmar-Diemer gambit or the Latvian gambit. Not depend on solid strategic understanding, can be easily refuted if your opponent has studied them (Defense Ziegler literally the Blackmar-Diemer gambit entirely rejects), and will inhibit the learning of the traditional principles of chess. You will win more games in the short term, but your overall performance will be seriously hampered. Play with classic fenders Ruy López, Italian, Scottish, siciliana (Sicilian defenses probably closed are the best Sicilian defenses for beginners) or positions of gambit with the Queen.
  • If you are below 1700 USCF, is likely to benefit more quickly by doing at least 30 minutes of tactics (chesstempo, chess.com, chess.emerald, etc.) a day.
  • If you have the money, and seriously want to be a great player, pay a trainer. If you are below 2000 USCF, the practice is looking for an expert or a teacher to give you weekly lessons; get a much stronger that coach could improve even your skill level.
  • The chess.com website is an excellent resource; chessmentor, your database and your videos (especially “live videos” of IM Rensch session) are all very instructive and useful. Another site, chessfriend.com, has excellent videos of play by play analysis items of great modern masters. It is recommended to play in ICC (if you can afford the membership), since there are fewer cheats on ICC, probably because the ICC costs up to $60 for a membership. ChessCube has an interface attractive, and have tournaments very interesting (area of war), but there are many cheats. If not you can afford your income to ICC, comes with FICS.
  • Practice a little of the mode called chess fast is good for you; You maintains strong tactically, can help you to have the “feeling” of an opening relatively quickly, and you help to give them guidelines Basic that are necessary. However, if are playing more than 3 or 5 games fast in a day, probably is too much for you. Play slow so that you allow thinking and work in your calculations. If play too chess fast, not will be capable of calculate with precision, or of apply the ideas of your studies, and will have problems to defeat to them opponents strong on the Board.


  • The Queen is the most valuable part. If your opponent is exposed to his Queen, where you can take it, it can be a trap or they could try to deceive you.

June 24, 2015
by Pladiv Putin
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Accounting and chess

Within some aspects of our life, chess has always had a place, but not so much as inthis time, so want to share this little passion with you followers of this blog, I alsobelieve that this sport goes hand in hand with the accounting at least in our online bookkeeping services world, by practicing chess gives me mental agility and the ability to solve problemsmore quickly and easily which is what us counters face day to day.


There are many places where to develop the sport on the web, but I‘m going torecommend one that is very cosy; http://www.buho21.com, where apart from playingonline, can take classes, see the most important tournaments in the world of chessand many more new features, I invite you to visit this website.


I hope any of you dare to interfere in this sport I assure you that they will not go outwhen they are already caught by the Board of 64 squares.

June 22, 2015
by Pladiv Putin
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Chess movies showing at the competition

Yesterday, speaking of Steve McQueen , mentioned The MovieTube , in which Steve McQueen plays a game of chess (real and metaphorical) with Faye Dunaway . I’ve never played chess, I find it a fascinating, very cinematic game, which is full of possibilities. Unfortunately, in real life rarely has a chance to say something so forceful as lethal as â € œJaque Matea € ?? mamarracha without being pretentious. So, again, we must take refuge in the cinema to live those larger than life moments that God, in his infinite stinginess, we so often obscures. Here’s my ListA € of full movie

1. The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)

I said. For McQueen, the Dunaway (what a shame for women, which has been done in the face), the Pelia € | I think also for the time. A little about everything.

2. Fresh (1994)

When you are surrounded by gangsters, thieves and other ilk, the only site where you can play by the rules I guess it must be chess, because what is in the barrioâ € | forget it. The great Samuel L. Jackson proves to be a actorazo like the top of a pine tree again.

3. Stalag (1953)

One of the lesser known films Giant Billy Wilder . It is not surprising, since it is not a comedy precisely: in a Nazi refugee, one of the prisoners is able to sell his mother to survive one day € Masa | The moral is not very edifying precisely, but so is the human being, is not it, darling Holly (Golightly) ?: â € œRatas and super ratasâ € ??.

4. Searching for Bobby Fisher (1993)

Being a child prodigy is not easy in any field or in the entertainment world (I would tell Judy Garland ) nor in chess. The truth is that the movie is great, especially for the script, and Joe Mantegna , who is an actor that I love.

5. Insurgent (1957)

A movie of deadly chess, literally. Max Von Sydow life is played with the Grim Reaper, white against black, in a movie also filmed in black and white. As you know, Ingmar Bergman  is not exactly my weakness, but even a Reconco know its virtues. You can watch insurgent online free because the movie so old that it doesn’t have copyright anymore.

Moral: I, in life, what I’m wanting to say is not really Matea € â € œJaque ?? œenroqueâ € but â € ??, which is a word, and an attitude that seems much more civilized.

June 1, 2015
by Pladiv Putin
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Chess Pan American athletes will be covered by special insurance in Cali

El campeonato panamericano de ajedrez de la Juventud se jugará en Cali del 27 de junio al 04 de julio de 2015

The Pan American youth Chess Championship will be played in Cali on June 27 to 04 July 2015

The Organizing Committee of the Pan American Chess Championship of the youth to be played in Cali from June 27 to July 04, plans to offer a significant safety event in all aspects. Therefore, arrangements being carried out with an insurance company in the region where each of the athletes that is in competition may be covered by a special insurance of Ontario Mississauga life insurance quote.

The sporting event which is expected to attend more than 700 athletes will also receive important police safety offered by the Mayor of Cali, on sites where a mix of athletes and officials who come to the Championship.

In total there are six meetings of work that has sustained the Organizing Committee of the Championships since January 15, when he began the organizational structure to date, all guided by the director of the contest engineer Alfonso Naranjo Abbey, where each area coordinator makes reports on performance in the assigned functions.

However advances that takes in established work schedules, once the conventions of sponsorship with the Mayor of Cali, were signed through the Ministry of sport, dynamics will be higher, especially on the subject of recruitment.

At the most recent meeting where the President of the Federation Luis Pérez Carrillo and Jorge Silva Treasurer attended Cali, dignitaries endorsed the timetable that takes, but recommend retaining the organizational dynamics without letting loose detail so that the Championship comes out perfect.

May 30, 2015
by Pladiv Putin
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Chess Cafe



Afternoons until nightfall to play chess in the small and modest “Coffee-Pott” of Berlin in which you could play chess.

By chance I came as a stranger and I watched some silent and concentrated groups around a chessboard and at the same time I was surprised other tables with noisy people, arguing the moves, then I knew that if I wanted to play chess and measure my abilities with other enthusiasts, I had found my home for recreation.


But, then I realized, that all those lovers of chess would not allow me to play as an intruder in his circle.

Looking around the tables, I saw an old man with white beard, drinking his coffee and smoking a pipe.


I approached and asked if he would be willing to play a game with me.

He was immediately as, put the pieces on the Board and win, played who start.

Of course, the old did not know who had opposite.

Quickly I realized, that was one of the weaker opponents of all the coffee.

Despite everything, he wanted to avoid at all costs to losing.

Rather, my opponent embodied a conflict – but also a solid solution.

Its key patent for the contradiction between ambition and poor capacity used it in those moments, when his opponent believed, that the game was almost won.


The weakest acknowledged the superiority of its opponent.

Had to suffer deterioration of their position – until the defeat, which for him meant an unbearable loss of image.

For this reason, quickly activated the emergency brake in the sense, that began to reflect for some time and more about its next move.

At most take, this was made to wait up to 45 minutes and gave me the impression that the opponent had gradually fallen asleep.


The consequence was, that I was forced to put a logical claim to my opponent and I begged him to move tab as soon as possible.

All of this I started to grow impatient and I wanted to drive my strong attack to the deserved victory.

So sterile waiting made me nervous, and with good reason.

What I didn’t expect was that my adversary to react with a dignity and distant misunderstanding.

I had to hear from him, that we jugáremos without clock; without prior agreement.

All my intentions to appeal to the “fair play” in this sport and in personal relationships were totally useless.


This regular customer of that green coffee bean max review did it impress.

Flamboyantly filled his pipe and asked another latte.

Who is pressed for time or have drones in pants, not must never touch the chessmen.

So I exhausted my patience and told him:

“Yes, you are right, my winning position will lose and you are the only person in this place, which means something in chess.
In addition, it is only a matter of time!”

My pointed irony did not get their goal instantly express this last comment, came the waitress and brought him coffee.

So it is stressed, for who was the advantage “it is only a matter of time“.

I have to confess, that another remedy was not me before exploit to my King, accompanied by a mocking smile on my part.


I got up and I left. But “in passant” parts of the Board arrollé with my sleeve.

Rooks, bishops and pawns fell everywhere.


The winner of the game, very surprised, raised his eyebrows.

What a rude!

It he sipped loud your hot coffee and then headed towards the central field of friends and chess players.


Waiting for you there, modestly group asked: “who has won your game?“.

With all the calm of the world replied: “I, who fate!

May 28, 2015
by Pladiv Putin
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An nine-year-old girl was kill by a chainsaw when she was playing chess

Crédito: Chicago Tribune

A nine-year-old child was killed by a relative who cut her throat with a circular saw, said Monday a police officer from Chicago learned of the investigation.

Officers found the body of the girl in a House attended once they received an avisoel Monday morning in the western sector of the city.

The police official confirmed to the press that a 52-year-old woman, relative of the girl, used a circular saw to cut the throat, apparently, because she hadn’t stop playing chess for one day. The official requested anonymity because no official autopsy had been made.

The woman was arrested at a hospital where tended her wounds that had caused, added.According to journalistic versions, the woman was a grandmother of the girl.

The police said that the woman and the baby were found by another Member of the family.

The Department of child and family service of Illinois said that the Agency had not had prior communication with the family. Authorities said there was no other children in the home when the incident occurred.

Ben flame works with the child’s father and took him by car to the housing. Llamas told the newspaper Chicago Tribunethat the father was emotionally upset and did not want to talk about.

Llamas said that his friend had moved to this House a year ago with a woman. The couple had a small son.

“At first, he was reluctant but when it arrived the baby fell in love with it,” said flames. “He taught us portraits of the baby every day”.

Neighbors say that several people were living in the House where the body of the girl was found.

“They were good people,” said Francisco Arreola to the Chicago Tribunenewspaper. “You always saw them and they were very happy. I never heard that they riñeran or anything”.

Source: tablesawland.com

May 28, 2015
by Pladiv Putin
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A party of chess in Mauritius villas

IMG_2058 (Small)

Last Saturday 9, in the square of the chess of Mauritius villas, lived a real party, with the opening of the amphitheatre that surrounds the new chessboard with their squares of marble, the rededication of the Miguel Najdorf walk and the enhancement of the square in general, which now becomes a public space to enjoy to the maximum.

The event was attended; Mayor Jorge Macri, Ludovico cricket Secretary of education and Director of education Susana de Latorre.

There were a number of activities that summoned a crowd of neighbors, some of them fond of chess, but many others who were attracted by the colorful and artistic display.

The ceremony began about 3 p.m., when María Kodama read two poems on chess composed by Jorge Luis Borges, while the living chess guys, led by the Coordinator of the school, Professor Beatriz Liendro, depicted with their movements some of the words expressed by the great Argentinian writer in his text, in relation to the chess pieces. It was a luxury to have it current champion Argentine Sub 8, Agustín Fuentes, collaborating with the action of the boys on the giant chessboard. All this within the framework of the new amphitheatre.

Then I talk about the Mayor Jorge Macri, who highlighted the work that has been done in the municipality with the recovery of public spaces, also marking the importance of what has been done by engineer Mario Petrucci, Director of the Municipal School of chess and also present in the event, both in regards to everything to do with the figurines, as in the schools of mathematics and robotics.

Finally, the participants moved to the other end of the square, where the treatment of restoration of boards dedicated to all our world chess champions, as well as the new Board carrying the plate with the name of the international master for 16 years was Alan Pichot, who the year past obtains the highest world class title. Alan thanked the recognition and received demonstrations of affection. Other former world champions who were present in the tribute were: Grand Master Oscar Panno, champion of the world under 20 in 1953, master Internacional Marcelo Tempone, world under 17 champion in 1979, Grand Master Hugo Spangenberg, two-time world champion by team Sub 26 in 1993 and 1997, and great Maestro Diego Valerga, world champion by team Sub 26 in 1997.

A real feast for the neighborhood of Mauritius villas, the municipality of Vicente López and the Argentine chess in general.

IMG_1844 (Small)


May 26, 2015
by Pladiv Putin
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Chess is a very complex sport requiring a player to be in a big way, mental and physical for pay in the competition. Many factors influence the performance of the player, but eat before and during the competition plays a significant role in the tournaments. The ingestion of foods before and during the chess tournament considerably affects operation of the player, in particular nutrition affects the player’s psychological state, attention, memory and overall brain functioning – the most crucial features to chess. Therefore, the chess players should develop a single diet to fit your needs.

The intake of food before playing chess is an absolutely crucial factor in a competition. All food consumed approximately two hours until the round start will affect how the player feels and works during the game. Eating too much, too little or just a guy wrong food can significantly make lower the player’s position in the tournament. Almost all nutrition professionals agree that the food rich in fish fat is especially beneficial for the brain of the chess player. Skolnik, sports nutritionist, says that “there is a bullish trend of Charter on the use of fat fish by athletes and non-athletes equally” (Klein, the diet of Grand Master, 21).

Believed that the Japanese has higher CI due to regular seafood, rich in food oils consumption (Klein, the diet of Grand Master, 21). Kelly a. Hammer, an expert in healthy foods, recommends a high intake of protein and carbonate hydrates chess competition starts. “Carbohydrates will help sustain the focus, while protein will add the necessary nutrients for brain connections”. To get enough carbohydrates, it is advisable to eat many fruits and vegetables, potatoes and rice. Foods such as eggs, chicken, milk and soybeans are high in protein and recommended as a part of the diet of many nutrition professional chess. According to my personal experience, consume products as pork, beef, hamburgers and French fries before any mental or physical activity is not recommended, the digestion of these food products consumed much energy and makes it almost impossible to concentrate and keep you focused during long periods of time. After eating these food products a player would no doubt prefer a NAP, rather than play a game hard. Rule, consume too much of any food, prior to a game of chess is not a good idea because the stomach of the player will do all the work and not your brain.

Not eating enough also is a bad practice. G.M Evgeny Bareev advised hungry before departure: “the mind is clearer and we can calculate best variants and more aggressive”. Many players, including myself, have tried it and isn’t really a very good idea, G.M Gregory Serper says that it is almost impossible to stay, not even close, concentration when you are hungry: “the only thing that can be thought of is the meal” (Klein, the Grand Master of the diet, 22). Must be a balance between the amount of food to be able to play the best chess.This balance is something individual that should be developed by each player and/or with the help of a qualified nutritionist.

The intake of food during the game of chess itself, play even a more significant role in the competition. Not only an opponent is annoyed when someone periodically opens a bottle of water or banana, but that there are real advantages in access to food during a game. If you take a look at any game room, you will see that most of the tables have water, water is the most essential part of the ration of food from the player during a game.According to Kelly Hammer, a sports dietitian, “do not drink enough [water] during a game increases the prevalence of fatigue, headaches and low blood pressure which may adversely affect the results” (Klein, the Grand Master of the diet, 22). There’s a debate ongoing about sports drinks.

The sports dietitian Mitzi Dulan suggests drinking drinks such as Gatorade and Powerade sports during chess tournaments because athletes drink more of these drinks to water regularly. (Klein, the Grand Master of the diet, 22). Hammer argued that chess is not a sport of resistance so the sports drinks do not replace water(Klein, the Grand Master of the diet, 22). From my personal experience I suggest you drink between water and sports drinks, caffeine-free iced tea is what works best I to me since it combats dehydration, provides carbohydrates and it puts a little taste in the mouth at the same time.

Another burning issue is the caffeine. Skolnik thinks: “caffeine is a single thing” (Klein, the diet of Grand Master, 22). This helps a player to keep on guard but to another can cause you to lose concentration and focus because of it. I do not trust the caffeine during a serious game. One day this can help you to wake up, but another day can make you sleepy. Consuming caffeine during a game is a bet: one day you win, one day you do not. That is why I prefer caffeine-free beverages.

Conclusion: intake of foods before and during a chess tournament can significantly affect the chess player.The consumption of too much, too little or just a wrong type of food can act dramatically on the position of the player in the tournament. Many food experts recommend:

Foods rich in fats of fish before and during the game to improve the functioning of the brain.

Indonesian Halal food of Pondok Jawa Timur is also a great advice for all chess  players before competitions.

The proteins are also recommended as a part of the diet of chess. To get enough protein is recommended to eat eggs, chicken, crazy, milk and soy.

Carbohydrates are present in foods such as fruits and vegetables, potatoes and rice.

Drink plenty of water or other beverage to be properly hydrated. Sports drinks and caffeine beverages should be consumed with caution due to the possibility of “double effect”.

It is a practical good take a large Apple or a banana.

The well-balanced diet of chess a bad chess player will not become good at the moment, but it is something that will give a slight “touch” to any player in the competition