EICC 2012

European Individual Chess Championship 2012

A chessboard in the garden

This project is mainly aimed at chess enthusiasts. But not only for them, it is also a highly decorative project. As we talked about on another occasion, geometry in the garden is a fundamental element and a chess board is nothing more than pure geometry. It is therefore a decorative and functional element, aesthetic and playful. It will decorate, give style and beauty to our garden landscaping and at the same time we can spend good times throwing chess matches with large figures.

Build chess table in the garden 9

As you can see the chessboard is very beautiful and decorative. Its realization is not complicated, although it is an important project and requires a series of material and construction techniques unavoidable but simple.

Build chess table in the garden 1

We need a square of ground of 4.80 meters of side. With wooden slats of 5 x 10 cm we will form a square of these measures. We will reduce the ground about five centimeters. Every 60 cm we screw a screw in the slats and we will stretch threads between the screws to form a grid of grids 60 cm in side, 64 in total that are the ones that have a chess board.

Build chess table in the garden 2

With slats of wood we have to construct 32 squares that will serve as formwork for the realization of the squares of cement that will be the white squares of the board. The other 32 squares will be filled with grass and will form the black squares.

Build chess table in the garden 3

Here we see everything ready, the 32 frames of formwork will fix with pieces of wood as stakes. To this I was referring before, it is not technically difficult to elaborate, but it requires work, time and thoroughness.

Build chess table in the garden 4

We will prepare the mortar and we will fill the frames of encogrado, we will pass the trowel so that we leave the cement as fine as possible.

Build chess table in the garden 5

Once the cement slabs are dry we will remove the wooden frames. That will be from the 24 hours of the pouring of the cement in the frames.

Build chess table in the garden 6

To protect the slabs we can apply a cement sealant, so will not suffer as much weather inclemencies. Neither the wear and tear of the use since it will have to tread it, logically.

Build chess table in the garden 7

Build chess table in the garden 8

The next step will be to prepare the black squares to plant the lawn boards on them. The variety chosen for this board was double dwarf fescue, due to its slow growth. Once the lawn is installed, we will water it frequently until it is well caught. We will not cut it until we see that by pulling it we do not lift the plate.

Build chess table in the garden 9

The final result will be an elegant and majestic chessboard in cement and turf. Very nice and sophisticated, worthy of a royal garden.