EICC 2012

European Individual Chess Championship 2012

A new style of home decorating inspired by chess

Among the different types of flooring or floors there is this timeless classic shape of chess. The catering equipment hire company created a geometric and decorative design consisting of black and white squares, a possibility that transforms housing in the well Рknown board game, giving it a more dynamic aspect spaces.

Chessboards floors 1

Such designs are very suitable for kitchens, especially when the furniture that accompanies this interior is white. The contrast generated by the dynamic frame makes the space look wider , getting an attractive out of the ordinary.

Chessboards floors 2

The volumes of this chess design are also suitable for other areas of the home. Thus, we can find inlobbies, hallways or classrooms , creating visual games where the lights, architectural nooks and other elements are part of the scene.

Chessboards floors 3

In addition to the black and white classic, another attractive option is to change the white boxes for wood, creating a more sophisticated style.

Chessboards floors 4


Chessboards floors 5


Chessboards floors 6

As we see, this type of coating gets a quite striking, useful finishing for all kinds of travelers, resulting in atmospheres that are, as mentioned, timeless.

Chessboards floors 7


Chessboards floors 8

Geometric games are the homes of all life, and we can find an array of tiles diagonally or in a straight finish. Symmetries and games that create a balanced, ideal for lovers of spaces where forms and drawings have a greater role order.

Chessboards floors 9


Chessboards floors 10