EICC 2012

European Individual Chess Championship 2012

A party of chess in Mauritius villas

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Last Saturday 9, in the square of the chess of Mauritius villas, lived a real party, with the opening of the amphitheatre that surrounds the new chessboard with their squares of marble, the rededication of the Miguel Najdorf walk and the enhancement of the square in general, which now becomes a public space to enjoy to the maximum.

The event was attended; Mayor Jorge Macri, Ludovico cricket Secretary of education and Director of education Susana de Latorre.

There were a number of activities that summoned a crowd of neighbors, some of them fond of chess, but many others who were attracted by the colorful and artistic display.

The ceremony began about 3 p.m., when María Kodama read two poems on chess composed by Jorge Luis Borges, while the living chess guys, led by the Coordinator of the school, Professor Beatriz Liendro, depicted with their movements some of the words expressed by the great Argentinian writer in his text, in relation to the chess pieces. It was a luxury to have it current champion Argentine Sub 8, Agustín Fuentes, collaborating with the action of the boys on the giant chessboard. All this within the framework of the new amphitheatre.

Then I talk about the Mayor Jorge Macri, who highlighted the work that has been done in the municipality with the recovery of public spaces, also marking the importance of what has been done by engineer Mario Petrucci, Director of the Municipal School of chess and also present in the event, both in regards to everything to do with the figurines, as in the schools of mathematics and robotics.

Finally, the participants moved to the other end of the square, where the treatment of restoration of boards dedicated to all our world chess champions, as well as the new Board carrying the plate with the name of the international master for 16 years was Alan Pichot, who the year past obtains the highest world class title. Alan thanked the recognition and received demonstrations of affection. Other former world champions who were present in the tribute were: Grand Master Oscar Panno, champion of the world under 20 in 1953, master Internacional Marcelo Tempone, world under 17 champion in 1979, Grand Master Hugo Spangenberg, two-time world champion by team Sub 26 in 1993 and 1997, and great Maestro Diego Valerga, world champion by team Sub 26 in 1997.

A real feast for the neighborhood of Mauritius villas, the municipality of Vicente López and the Argentine chess in general.

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