EICC 2012

European Individual Chess Championship 2012

Accounting and chess

Within some aspects of our life, chess has always had a place, but not so much as inthis time, so want to share this little passion with you followers of this blog, I alsobelieve that this sport goes hand in hand with the accounting at least in our online bookkeeping services world, by practicing chess gives me mental agility and the ability to solve problemsmore quickly and easily which is what us counters face day to day.


There are many places where to develop the sport on the web, but I‘m going torecommend one that is very cosy; http://www.buho21.com, where apart from playingonline, can take classes, see the most important tournaments in the world of chessand many more new features, I invite you to visit this website.


I hope any of you dare to interfere in this sport I assure you that they will not go outwhen they are already caught by the Board of 64 squares.