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An nine-year-old girl was kill by a chainsaw when she was playing chess

Crédito: Chicago Tribune

A nine-year-old child was killed by a relative who cut her throat with a circular saw, said Monday a police officer from Chicago learned of the investigation.

Officers found the body of the girl in a House attended once they received an avisoel Monday morning in the western sector of the city.

The police official confirmed to the press that a 52-year-old woman, relative of the girl, used a circular saw to cut the throat, apparently, because she hadn’t stop playing chess for one day. The official requested anonymity because no official autopsy had been made.

The woman was arrested at a hospital where tended her wounds that had caused, added.According to journalistic versions, the woman was a grandmother of the girl.

The police said that the woman and the baby were found by another Member of the family.

The Department of child and family service of Illinois said that the Agency had not had prior communication with the family. Authorities said there was no other children in the home when the incident occurred.

Ben flame works with the child’s father and took him by car to the housing. Llamas told the newspaper Chicago Tribunethat the father was emotionally upset and did not want to talk about.

Llamas said that his friend had moved to this House a year ago with a woman. The couple had a small son.

“At first, he was reluctant but when it arrived the baby fell in love with it,” said flames. “He taught us portraits of the baby every day”.

Neighbors say that several people were living in the House where the body of the girl was found.

“They were good people,” said Francisco Arreola to the Chicago Tribunenewspaper. “You always saw them and they were very happy. I never heard that they riñeran or anything”.