EICC 2012

European Individual Chess Championship 2012

Chess Cafe



Afternoons until nightfall to play chess in the small and modest “Coffee-Pott” of Berlin in which you could play chess.

By chance I came as a stranger and I watched some silent and concentrated groups around a chessboard and at the same time I was surprised other tables with noisy people, arguing the moves, then I knew that if I wanted to play chess and measure my abilities with other enthusiasts, I had found my home for recreation.


But, then I realized, that all those lovers of chess would not allow me to play as an intruder in his circle.

Looking around the tables, I saw an old man with white beard, drinking his coffee with nespresso compatible pods singapore and smoking a pipe.


I approached and asked if he would be willing to play a game with me.

He was immediately as, put the pieces on the Board and win, played who start.

Of course, the old did not know who had opposite.

Quickly I realized, that was one of the weaker opponents of all the coffee.

Despite everything, he wanted to avoid at all costs to losing.

Rather, my opponent embodied a conflict – but also a solid solution.

Its key patent for the contradiction between ambition and poor capacity used it in those moments, when his opponent believed, that the game was almost won.


The weakest acknowledged the superiority of its opponent.

Had to suffer deterioration of their position – until the defeat, which for him meant an unbearable loss of image.

For this reason, quickly activated the emergency brake in the sense, that began to reflect for some time and more about its next move.

At most take, this was made to wait up to 45 minutes and gave me the impression that the opponent had gradually fallen asleep.


The consequence was, that I was forced to put a logical claim to my opponent and I begged him to move tab as soon as possible.

All of this I started to grow impatient and I wanted to drive my strong attack to the deserved victory.

So sterile waiting made me nervous, and with good reason.

What I didn’t expect was that my adversary to react with a dignity and distant misunderstanding.

I had to hear from him, that we jugáremos without clock; without prior agreement.

All my intentions to appeal to the “fair play” in this sport and in personal relationships were totally useless.


This regular customer of that green coffee bean max review did it impress.

Flamboyantly filled his pipe and asked another latte.

Who is pressed for time or have drones in pants, not must never touch the chessmen.

So I exhausted my patience and told him:

“Yes, you are right, my winning position will lose and you are the only person in this place, which means something in chess.
In addition, it is only a matter of time!”

My pointed irony did not get their goal instantly express this last comment, came the waitress and brought him coffee.

So it is stressed, for who was the advantage “it is only a matter of time“.

I have to confess, that another remedy was not me before exploit to my King, accompanied by a mocking smile on my part.


I got up and I left. But “in passant” parts of the Board arrollé with my sleeve.

Rooks, bishops and pawns fell everywhere.


The winner of the game, very surprised, raised his eyebrows.

What a rude!

It he sipped loud your hot coffee and then headed towards the central field of friends and chess players.


Waiting for you there, modestly group asked: “who has won your game?“.

With all the calm of the world replied: “I, who fate!