EICC 2012

European Individual Chess Championship 2012

Chess movies showing at the competition

Yesterday, speaking of Steve McQueen , mentioned The MovieTube , in which Steve McQueen plays a game of chess (real and metaphorical) with Faye Dunaway . I’ve never played chess, I find it a fascinating, very cinematic game, which is full of possibilities. Unfortunately, in real life rarely has a chance to say something so forceful as lethal as â € œJaque Matea € ?? mamarracha without being pretentious. So, again, we must take refuge in the cinema to live those larger than life moments that God, in his infinite stinginess, we so often obscures. Here’s my ListA € of full movie

1. The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)

I said. For McQueen, the Dunaway (what a shame for women, which has been done in the face), the Pelia € | I think also for the time. A little about everything.

2. Fresh (1994)

When you are surrounded by gangsters, thieves and other ilk, the only site where you can play by the rules I guess it must be chess, because what is in the barrioâ € | forget it. The great Samuel L. Jackson proves to be a actorazo like the top of a pine tree again.

3. Stalag (1953)

One of the lesser known films Giant Billy Wilder . It is not surprising, since it is not a comedy precisely: in a Nazi refugee, one of the prisoners is able to sell his mother to survive one day € Masa | The moral is not very edifying precisely, but so is the human being, is not it, darling Holly (Golightly) ?: â € œRatas and super ratasâ € ??.

4. Searching for Bobby Fisher (1993)

Being a child prodigy is not easy in any field or in the entertainment world (I would tell Judy Garland ) nor in chess. The truth is that the movie is great, especially for the script, and Joe Mantegna , who is an actor that I love.

5. Insurgent (1957)

A movie of deadly chess, literally. Max Von Sydow life is played with the Grim Reaper, white against black, in a movie also filmed in black and white. As you know, Ingmar Bergman  is not exactly my weakness, but even a Reconco know its virtues. You can watch insurgent online free because the movie so old that it doesn’t have copyright anymore.

Moral: I, in life, what I’m wanting to say is not really Matea € â € œJaque ?? œenroqueâ € but â € ??, which is a word, and an attitude that seems much more civilized.