EICC 2012

European Individual Chess Championship 2012

Chess Pan American athletes will be covered by special insurance in Cali

El campeonato panamericano de ajedrez de la Juventud se jugará en Cali del 27 de junio al 04 de julio de 2015

The Pan American youth Chess Championship will be played in Cali on June 27 to 04 July 2015

The Organizing Committee of the Pan American Chess Championship of the youth to be played in Cali from June 27 to July 04, plans to offer a significant safety event in all aspects. Therefore, arrangements being carried out with an insurance company in the region where each of the athletes that is in competition may be covered by a special insurance of Ontario Mississauga life insurance quote.

The sporting event which is expected to attend more than 700 athletes will also receive important police safety offered by the Mayor of Cali, on sites where a mix of athletes and officials who come to the Championship.

In total there are six meetings of work that has sustained the Organizing Committee of the Championships since January 15, when he began the organizational structure to date, all guided by the director of the contest engineer Alfonso Naranjo Abbey, where each area coordinator makes reports on performance in the assigned functions.

However advances that takes in established work schedules, once the conventions of sponsorship with the Mayor of Cali, were signed through the Ministry of sport, dynamics will be higher, especially on the subject of recruitment.

At the most recent meeting where the President of the Federation Luis Pérez Carrillo and Jorge Silva Treasurer attended Cali, dignitaries endorsed the timetable that takes, but recommend retaining the organizational dynamics without letting loose detail so that the Championship comes out perfect.