EICC 2012

European Individual Chess Championship 2012

How to keep your room quiet when you are playing chess

Environmental noise, street noise or loud neighbors can be very annoying in a dwelling. So much so that one make soundproofing a room to gain in peace of mind and relaxation.

Today there are materials to soundproof all kinds of surfaces: from the most common, for walls, windows and doors, to shock absorbers for ventilation systems, machines that are on the outside of the building, extractors and systems of air conditioning, etc. I.e. If you want to you can isolate your room noise.

Firstly, one of the elements of the room where more noise sneaks is the window. Materials that are more isolated are PVC and aluminium. Windows that have hinged openings are more isolates. Likewise, to thicker glass, greater soundproofing. You can also use secondary double GlazingĀ and sealing the windows very well to the wall.

As for the walls for soundproofing must be an air Chamber between the wall and the insulation that is going to get. In the space left between the two place absorbent and is the new plasterboard wall.

In relation to the ceilings, you can build a double septum. Must keep in mind that placing the absorbent material on the outside, be optimized reverb; However, this will not improve significantly the insulation. On the other hand, if installed in the part of inside (between the two sides of the septum), that there will be a clear improvement of the insulation. Thus, the bigger the air Chamber that is left between partitions, the greater the insulation.

Also the doors are keys to a secluded room. Those rooms that are fully lined (windows, ceilings, floors, walls and door) them are known as floating boxes.

Finally, to isolate a room, the last part is the soil. For him, there are a variety of elements such as rubber pads floating concrete, a bancadas anti-vibration, anti-impact sheets, anti-vibration plates of different densities to reduce vibration, floors, etc.