EICC 2012

European Individual Chess Championship 2012

Rules of chess about mortgage change of Dead parts

The change law of  mortgage agent 

Pedestrians are often treated as a defensive replacement, used agages sacrifices to avoid losing more “important” pieces on the Board. But when a player uses a pawn for the Exchange, pedestrians suddenly becomes much more powerful. To ready currency with another piece, the player must move to the last row on the Board. For the white pieces, the objective is to reach rank 8. The black pawns are struggling to rank 1. Once a pawn reaches the last row in the table, it can be changed by another piece. Besides being known as a”pawn”, this move is also called as “pawn of conversion”, “promotion” or “grade”.

Interchangeable parts

Pedestrians is often confused with the Queens when they promote, but the players are not limited to this single option. A pedestrian graduated can be changed by a horse, Bishop, Tower, or the Queen of the same color. A player is not required to change its promise for a piece that lost. For example, if the player still has his Queen intact, but you want to change a pawn promoted to a Queen this is perfectly acceptable.

When Convert

Change a pawn for a “dead” or captured chess piece is an important strategy, and its usage in the game could be crucial. In general, players use the pedestrian Exchange only towards the end of the game, in part because several steps are needed to advance a pawn from all the way across the Board.Start pawns are hoping to convert its target during the mid-play of the game, once the opening volleys were fired in movement. It is often better to support the potential conversion of pawns with a Bishop or rook. It’s typically prudent groped to send four of their eight pawns toward the end of the table. Of them, with enough skill and strategy, chances are that you will be able to change one or two.

Exchange rules

Chess notes no limit when it comes to an exchange of tokens. In theory, a player can move all of your chips and makes them more powerful, although this is an unlikely outcome. Only pedestrians can be changed on the other hand, conversion does not apply to any other piece on the Board. Pawns can become any other piece in the game, save the King.