EICC 2012

European Individual Chess Championship 2012

Spectacular giant chess playground

Piezas de ajedrez gigante

The game of giant chess to play in the garden is spectacular.This game is visually very attractive. The measurement of parts, assistance to the public, if any, can display headings and learn from them. It is also a good way to convert a game where normally players spend long time sitting in a Chair at home, in a game where you walk and play abroad. That is why it is so popular in the nursing homes, public parks, hotels, camping sites and schools.
Giant chess game playground equipment for indoor consists of 32 strong, molded plastic parts of high quality. Giant chess game has a classic design that will facilitate recognition of parts all over the world. It is a game that never becomes fashion and in this giant, tough and durable version is especially recommended to play abroad.

The pieces come in three sections. On the one hand the basis which is divided into two parts, which are easily coupled and that then if you wish, you can fill sand or water. If not windy or if playing indoors, it is not necessary to fill them with nothing. The bases are sufficiently large so that they are not easily tumben. Finally top, comes from a single piece, it is the section that identifies each piece.

piezas de ajedrez gigante

The measures of the giant chess pieces are as follows:
The height of the pieces
Pawn: 43 cm, Bishop: 56 cm, Tower: 43.2 cm, horse: 48 cm, Lady: 58 cm and King: 64 cm
The base is the same for all parts and is 24 cm in diameter.

Juego de Ajedrez Gigante

The Board sold separately, there are customers that have a few tiles at home in the form of chess board by not buying any Board. There are two different models:

3 meters x 3 meters thick canvas Board. Save as if it were a tablecloth.
2.8 x 2.8 meters rigid plastic Board. It consists of several pieces of rigid plastic. It is a grid so that if placed on top of the grass, this is not so mistreated as if you put up a tarp, since this can grow between the holes.


Also sold a bag to store parts.


In our giant chess section , you will find this game, with its accessories, and also giant checkers and other smaller models of chess. It is never late to learn how to play chess.