EICC 2012

European Individual Chess Championship 2012

Technology to go to the dentist for chess player

Go to the doctor(Dr. James Strawn) or the dentist sometimes is not so serious. Many times we will we check routinely either, in the case of the dentist, to make us dental cleaning. And on these occasions we make our appointment with the health care professional and have to wait for us to attend. More than once we will be pasadoque if our appointment was at 5 in the afternoon, we cater at 5:30, but we are going, because the previous patient took much longer than expected.

What to do in the meanwhile? Many people read magazines that are generally in the office, but which are already old and therefore, the information you give in many ways no longer relevant. So, I think that the best thing you can do is remove your Smartphone and do something useful with it. As a player of chess competition, one must actually be always prepared for when a tournament is present. Often have no time play training or exercise of analysis, of tactics, of those who appear in some publications with the header “white play and win“, for example. As well, I have decided to take advantage of these dead times playing chess on my Android phone. I have found that there are several appropriate programs to compete against the tiny device in my hand.

There are several programs that have become popular in the world of computer chess. One of them is the Chess Genius, which comes in a free version and a pay. The free version plays for a score of moves and dramatically lower your level, so it is recommended to make pay (about $5 for it) version.

Now, that if you want to compete against a grandmaster literally against the visor of your Android phone, the recommendation is using Droid Fish, that is the portable version of StockFish, one of the most powerful PC chess programs that exist. The great advantage of this program is that it is free and also playing remarkably well. So that that even grandmasters of chess pale before the chess power that the program displays. If you are a player’s first force, tournament, which takes science as I play seriously, Droid Fish is the choice to follow. If you want an acceptable opponent, just the Chess Genius and if you are just a beginner, Chess Genius Lite is the choice.