EICC 2012

European Individual Chess Championship 2012

The 14 January pluck chess and photography workshops

The Italian Association of Mutual, Cultural and Recreational Formosa, like every year, offers its members and the wider community cultural activities during the summer recess.
This time, on January 14 next torn photography workshops and chess, between the hours of 17-19 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
The photography workshop will be conducted by photobooth hire Melbourne and will last 10 meetings and the objective is that attendees will learn the basic operation of the camera, camera modes, the basic techniques of digital image to the introduction to photography. General aspects of photography will be discussed at the technical level accompanied by practical work.
“Also in this workshop strategies that facilitate the use of small digital camera to the limit is applied. It focuses both multimedia and imaging cameras not DSLRs and exploration programs for editing photos on computer,” he added the degree in social communication with vast experience in photography and that began as a photojournalist in Nuevo Diario disappeared and now focuses on corporate communication of the Italian Association.

According to reports by the head of the workshop that the same will be developed through “lectures, discussions and constructive criticism will guide attendees can realize their creative decisions based on personal photographic approaches. The expected result is that participants completed the workshop with renewed enthusiasm and appreciation for the small but valuable digital camera.
The workshop cost is 100 pesos for non-partner and 50 pesos for the partner.
Chess Workshop
Meanwhile, the same days and times the chess workshop will be held by Franco Campuzano, renowned chess player of the medium.
 According to the assertions of the workshop leader, “every class has a theoretical part, in which a strategic or tactical aspect is developed, taking grandmaster games or experiences the teacher, who then seeks to bring various problems related to their students the subject matter or facing each other while evaluates and assists in the development of the games they play. “
When the professor warns that the student has a level of more advanced game, you will be promoted to play (first internal, with their classmates) tournaments and then encourages you to participate in other tournaments to know several game levels and then they can analyze games played, seeking the reason for each and correcting errors through the experience of the student in the “field”. the cost of this workshop is 50 pesos
Closing activities 2013
Before a large crowd, the Italian Association of Mutual, Cultural and Recreational activities hill Formosa 2013 the pasodo December 11, in a large ceremony at the Grand Cinema Teatro Italia with free admission.
Note that in the evening if you made ​​this mrs.  Bussolon Margarita, who is president of the Union of Italian Associations who spread the Italian language and culture northeastern Argentina (Photo by delivering a diploma) ,.
It started when a few words the president of the Association, Alfredo Maglietti and delivery of the respective certificates was later students of Italian language told the audience; Chess Workshop: courses in drawing and painting; of introductory workshops on creating and literary correctness, theater and folk dance Italian, Argentine and tango.
Sandwiching the delivery of certificates some works made by participants such as that presented the group of theater and choreography that make us enjoy people dance.
Recall that the “Italian was founded   on 6th junio 1897,   under the name of Italian Association of Mutual “Savoia” Formosa, then was renamed Italian Society of Mutual XX September “. It was the initiative of 44 Italian immigrants and was intended to provide assistance to its nationals and in order to have their own space to meet, strengthen their friendship and preserve the customs, language and culture of the land where they were born.
The secretary of the institutions operating in the 353 Avenida May 25 (high), telephone 370 4427561, e-mail aismfsa@ciudad.com.ar; asociacionitaliana@arnetbiz.com.ar where they can racabar reports on summer workshops or directly to phone 3704251065 or email franco.romero@gmail.com   for photography and for chess on 3704542734.